Sash Windows Slough Install and Repair Heritage Sash Windows

You period property will have a group of bulding requirements which should be observed and which Sash Windows Slough will take care of as we put in your heritage box windows.

Obtaining permission to work on listed buildings can sometimes prove difficult because of the historic status they can hold in communities but Sash Windows Slough can aid and support with this. You'll never be able to tell the difference if you call Sash Windows Slough in to duplicate and change your box sash windows.

Elegant Heritage Sash Windows in Farnham Royal

When applying for planning, the use of modern materials such as those used by Sash Windows Slough shouldn't present an issue as long as they are in line with the current design.

Sash Windows Slough will always keep our products faithful to the style and period of your property and so every element is constructed with care. If you are living in a protected district then planning authorities will have to be notified before any windows can be repaired or replaced but Sash Windows Slough can aid and support with this.

Expert Heritage Sash Windows Installers in Dorney

The heritage box windows that Sash Windows Slough will provide for your property are always of the highest quality.

Getting a the finest and best Sash Windows Slough replacement window is always a good variant as poor work can negatively influence your historic property as has been known to take place previously . If required for your property, conservation approval will be obtained prior to any type of work being executed by Sash Windows Slough.


You may be living inside a conservation division in Berkshire if the buildings are of historical or architectural significance and need to be conserved.

Being sympathetic to the design of your current windows is something Sash Windows Slough will certainly consider when putting in heritage box windows. You will be able to spend a longer amount of time appreciating what your Berkshire home has to offer if you don�t have to stain and repaint your current box windows.

Sash Windows Slough are a Slough Berkshire based company

Even if you can't identify the difference easily by observing the process of renovation by Sash Windows Slough, you will notice the benefits your new box windows possess from lower energy loss and noise disruption to fewer drafts and less condensation.

You will be capable to genuinely replcae your windows of whichever colour or shape with our heritage box windows which won't affect the period appeal of your Berkshire home. If you're looking to have windows installed in a listed or historical site, period home or conservation area then the heritage box windows on offer in Sash Windows Slough collection are ideal.